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Infographics, Videos based on the official information on COVID-19.
The need for Remdesivir in Covid-19
We should unite to defeat Corona by following Covid Appropriate Behavior.
Consult a Doctor after being Covid-19 Positive.
Whether to Home Isolate or to Get Hospitalized ?
Follow Covid Appropriate Behavior to Break the Chain of COVID-19
Vaccine prevents you from the Disease, not from getting infected
Monitor your Oxygen Saturation Level before taking it intermittently
Which cases needs Steroids or Remdesivir?
Don’t Stock Oxygen Cylinder Unnecessarily at Home.
If you don’t need it, don’t Use it
When to seek a Doctor’s help in Asymptomatic Cases
Beautiful Message by Shri. Amitabh Bachchan | Memories
Aarogya Setu App | Ajay Devgan | #SetuMeraBodyguard
#MaskForce | Join the Fight!
Aarogya Setu App | Nirahua | #SetuMeraBodyguard
Anuj Sharma | Chattisgarhi Star Actor | Aarogya Setu App | #SetuMeraBodygard
Rain By Tauseef Akhtar & Cheryl Balwani
Gowtham Bharadwaj | Independent Musician
“Waqt Hi Toh Hai, Guzar Jayega…”, A beautiful poem on COVID-19
Mr. Sandeep Kumar, Head Constable, Delhi Police | #CoronaWarrior
#CovidWarriors | डॉक्टरों और स्वास्था कर्मियों को सलाम
डॉक्टर्स और हेल्थकेयर वर्कर्स की मदद करें
विश्वशान्ति का शाश्वत तत्त्व है योग
योग से पाएं भावनात्मक संतुलन: सद्गुरु